A Mother's Daughter


Tomorrow I shall miss you but I know you have to go.                                                

I wrote this list today because my heart wants you to know.                                  

You kept my spirit warm and safe throughout my younger days.                                

I learned from you what’s right and wrong, which helped me find my way.                          

I grew up never knowing how hard of a life you had.                                             

You tried to stay strong for me even when your times were bad.                              

  I am sorry you had to struggle and feel all alone.                                               

Every house we moved into you made it seem like home.                                     

  We had some bitter moments as every family does.                                              

This friendship we share now is much more special than it was.                          

Where ever I am in this world I always feel your love.                                     

Wishing the very best for me is what you're dreaming of.                                     

The truth that our day must end seems highly unfair to me.                                      

I promise to be holding your hand long after you leave.                                         

All the beauty shown in front of me reminds me of you.                                       

Your heart is in my heart as it continues to hold true.                                           

For now the twilight skies above have promised to stay bright.                          

Long enough to say thank you, Mom, before we say goodnight.                                

I see our time running short as the sun touches the water.                              

Whatever tomorrow brings, I am my Mother’s daughter.

 Betty Jane Johanson, February 17, 1936-December 13,2016

Miss you Mom