Archerunleashed products and services stem from decades of experience and the basic concept to make lives a little more colorful and a tad bit easier. Archer and I, and a lot of help from friends and family, are creating a vision that includes small animal massage, artwork, and children's books. We have become UNLEASHED, check out our website and always wag. Thank you to Steve Jones for some of our wonderful photography.

Our Story

Small animal massage is excellent for relaxation, rehabilitation, and competition. Benefits include relief from chronic pain for our senior cats and dogs, as well as increased oxygenation and joint flexibility. It is especially beneficial to our furry family member’s circulatory and immune system. I have more than 250 hours of training in fundamental and rehabilitation massage through North West School of Animal Massage. I am certified with the State of Washington, and insured through the Insurers of the Carolinas. I am also canine and feline CPR/First Aid certified through PetTech. I can be a valuable part of your animal’s team of care providers through surgeries, rehabilitations, and hospice care. Contact me so we can make sure your family member is healthy and happy.

Art has always been in my blood. As a third generation self-taught artist, I am mostly an acrylic and sometimes oil landscape artist, commisioned by friends and family.  I can be given a favorite photo or picture, and can paint that image on a canvas. The biggest challenge, and most rewarding, is recreating the colors and feeling of the image onto the canvas. Anyone can re-print the image larger and brighter, but having an original painting of a cherished moment is quite unique. See commissioned artwork for examples of what I have done. I have also introduced a line of greeting cards, printed copies from original artwork I have done. Shop Cards

Children's books became a passion when my favorite daughter, Sarah, and her love for book inspired me to write children's stories. When Archer came to live with us forever, my creativity went crazy. I took his charm and cuteness and wrote three books for young children.  Thanks to a self-publishing website, and a little bit of magic; Archer Is, Archer's Hats, and Archer’s Thoughts are now illustrated and published. I have also self-published Tuttle's Puddle, and Theo's Story.  Shop Books



Archer Jones is a four year old golden retriever. He lives on a farm, goes to school, and plays with his friends. Archer loves everyone, and is happy all the time. Archer wants to spread his happiness, one smile at a time!